Quality Ingredients

We hand select our ingredients and make our noodles from scratch. We take pride and joy to bring you the very best tasting noodles to your customers.

Attention to Detail

Our state of the art facility is completely temperature controlled and humidity is monitored so the consistency and quality of the noodles we produce are at the highest grade.

Great Taste

Our staff are experts in the noodle making industry and it shows as we only seek out the best ingredients to make are noodles.

Expert in Noodle Making

We are bringing the authentic taste of Japan by building the exact same noodle making machines to our facility.

Serving High Quality Ramen Restaurants

Each restaurant has their own unique broth/soup base. We expertly match up our noodle consistency, firmness and recipe to optimize the best pairing between noodle and soup.

Contact US

Kobayashi Noodle USA
Main Factory

405 East 149th St.,
Gardena, CA 90248

Tel: 310-323-8777
Fax: 310-323-8779

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