Quality Ingredients

We hand select our ingredients and make our noodles from scratch. We take pride and joy to bring you the very best tasting noodles to your customers.

Attention to Detail

Our state of the art facility is completely temperature controlled and humidity is monitored so the consistency and quality of the noodles we produce are at the highest grade.

Great Taste

Our staff are experts in the noodle making industry and it shows as we only seek out the best ingredients to make are noodles.

Expert in Noodle Making

We are bringing the authentic taste of Japan by building the exact same noodle making machines to our facility.

Serving High Quality Ramen Restaurants

Each restaurant has their own unique broth/soup base. We expertly match up our noodle consistency, firmness and recipe to optimize the best pairing between noodle and soup.



Sapporo Men 130


This noodle has classic Sapporo ramen type firm bite and taste. The flavorful Miso and SapporoSoy Sauce soup base are perfect matches.

Sapporo V Spec

弊社の人気商品、Sapporo menを卵抜きで再現したVegan対応の麺です Sapporo men同様の食感は、味噌ラーメンや札幌しょう油ラーメン等、濃いのスープと相性抜群です。

We developed our signature Sapporo men without using eggs. It will be a perfect noodle for Vegan customers, with the exact bite and taste of Sapporo men. Pairs well with thick flavorful base such as Miso, Shoyu, Tantan men, Spicy ramen.


North Land


A Sapporo type noodle with more chewiness than the original Sapporo. We have improved on the texture and finish. Pairs well with all soup types. Also, very good when eaten cold.



Hakata Men 120


This is a Thin Kyushu Hakata Ramen type noodle cut with #26. This firm noodle matches perfectly with Tonkotsu and Shoyu.


Jaga men


This noodle is perfect for cooking at a location with higher altitude where the waters boiling point drops. Pairs perfectly with Shoyu or Miso based soup.


C-H 120


This is a thin classic Tokyo style egg noodle. It pairs especially well with Soy Sauce and Salt based soup. Reminiscent of the classic Tokyo style ramen.


Asahikawa 130 


Asahikawa style low water content Vegan noodle with a strong floury taste. Pairs with many type of soup such as Shoyu, Tonkotsu, Chicken Paitan.

Tsukemen T-200


A noodle for Tsukemen (Dipping) Noodle cut in #18. The noodle has an enjoyable smooth feeling to the throat along with a bouncy elastic texture. This noodle cooks in less than 4 minutes and is easy to use compared to other Tsukemen products. 


C-F 210


This is a thick noodle for tsukemen cut in #16. This noodle is robust in flavor and is firm to the bite.


Chanpon Men 150


This is a Chanpon Style thick noodle. We have kept the authenticity by finishing with the #16 round blade.