Quality Ingredients

We hand select our ingredients and make our noodles from scratch. We take pride and joy to bring you the very best tasting noodles to your customers.

Attention to Detail

Our state of the art facility is completely temperature controlled and humidity is monitored so the consistency and quality of the noodles we produce are at the highest grade.

Great Taste

Our staff are experts in the noodle making industry and it shows as we only seek out the best ingredients to make are noodles.

Expert in Noodle Making

We are bringing the authentic taste of Japan by building the exact same noodle making machines to our facility.

Serving High Quality Ramen Restaurants

Each restaurant has their own unique broth/soup base. We expertly match up our noodle consistency, firmness and recipe to optimize the best pairing between noodle and soup.

About us




小林製麺は2009年6月、「日本の味をアメリカでもそのままに」を使命とし、ロサンゼルスにKobayashi Noodle U.S.A.を設立しました。 その後、日本から製麺機を持ち込み、製造環境の違いに戸惑いながらも、試行錯誤を繰り返し、今日まで生産を続けてきました。


これからも「日本の味」を大切にし、麺の進化発展に尽力することで、アメリカのみならず全世界に「日本の味」を広め、麺を通じて世界の食文化に貢献していく所存でございます。 今後とも何卒お力添えのほどよろしくお願い致します。

CEO 石井俊哉


“Bringing Authentic Japanese Flavor to America” was our motto as we established our Kobayashi Noodle U.S.A. office in Los Angeles in June of 2009. Since then, we have brought our noodle making machinery directly from our factory in Japan and while adjusting to the different environment, we have been successful in manufacturing noodles.

In the U.S., “Ramen” is gaining in popularity along-side the most popular “Sushi”. We will continue to proudly produce “Authentic Japanese Flavor” and we hope that many people will enjoy the “Flavors of Japan” in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Toshiya Ishii